Killing it with kindness.

Of course we need incredible tattoo artists. We need a great location. But the Hart & Huntington shops can’t be half as successful without the one person who brings it all together. For H&H Orlando, it’s Brixey. She’s an industry cover model, a shop role model and a jack of all trades, capable of just about anything life throws her way. And, she’s been a natural fit since day one.

I knew quite a few artists that were working at the Orlando shop at the time I was considering working there. I also knew the manager for ten years and so I just knew it was going to be a fun environment.

She’s also a perfect fit with Hart & Huntington’s motocross brand.

My family is heavily involved in the bike industry. My son rides. So it was perfect.

Aside from the day to day operations, Brixey takes journeys with our clients, beginning with their first phone call.

I get to have conversations with people from all parts of the world. I get to walk them though the process and talk to them about their vision. Then I get to meet them, see their faces and see the finished product. I get to see these things from start to finish and form relationships with people. It’s a very personal and exciting experience.

I love nothing more than making the client say that this has been one of the best experiences of their trip.

Having a tattoo shop in a theme park is an interesting concept all together. But Brixey believes it’s meant to be.

We’ve created such a great destination that people plan their vacations around us. It makes so much sense to have this brand in this spot. You can go on vacation and take home one of the best souvenirs that you’ll have for the rest of your life. People know Carey and his wife Pink and it’s exciting just to come in. It’s a cool place to be and a cool clash of worlds. From the outside looking in, it almost doesn’t make sense. But it’s the best environment.

With tier-one exposure, comes five-star expectations.

The most challenging thing here is that we’ve set the bar so high and put our clients on a pedestal. People are used to street shops where they don’t get this level of customer service. So some people don’t understand the pricing and process that comes with that. But once they get here and see it, it’s the best tattoo shop they’ve ever dealt with. When they feel the vibe, see the environment and the caliber of artists, they get it.

Then business gets personal. Hart & Huntington Orlando truly is a family, extending that culture to each employee’s families, including Brixey’s dad.

It really is a family that brings people together that normally wouldn’t give each other the time of day.

My dad just got his first tattoo here. It was great to have that experience with him. The best part was seeing him pretend it didn’t hurt. It was fun to sit there and see him laughing with everybody. They all love him. He now has two with plans to get more.

Tattoos weren’t a part of Brixey’s life early on as she grew up in a religious family. No one in her family, except her grandfather, had any. But she was always drawn to them. And on her 16th birthday, she got her first one.

On my 16th birthday, my mom agreed to let me get one on my ankle in a street shop in downtown Orlando. I was terrified. I have since covered it because it wasn’t the best quality.

As for her own personal style, she loves black and grey realism.

I am covered in black and grey realism but my style is ever-changing. I don’t regret a single tattoo I have.

Her favorite tattoos are on her leg sleeve. She has Beatles album covers and tattoos designed by her two children. And she recently got a David Bowie tattoo made with Hart & Huntington’s Indian Motorcycle Ink.

I have an entire leg sleeve of music pieces that are very important to me. Music just plays a huge part in my life, it brought my family together.

Although tattoos have become more mainstream thanks to the many reality TV shows they star in, they still sometimes cause some interesting reactions. Brixey doesn’t let that get to her.

Growing up, I was such a nerd. I used to take things so personal. Now, nothing could phase me. This industry has given me such a self confidence. I learned so much about myself. And what I am capable of and how strong I can be. Being ripped apart with negative comments only builds me up. I am so thankful for that. It sometimes bothers my daughter when people stare at me and whisper. But I get it, it’s not something people see everyday. I’m ok with that. I’ll kill them with kindness.

Today, Brixey is an established tattoo industry cover model.

I’ve been modeling since I was a baby, in different genres. It got to a point where it was strictly tattoo related companies, which was awesome because I just really wanted to make art. Now, I love to help guide the younger generations to get into the tattoo modeling industry.

She loves to help people. She bonds with clients, often being a shoulder to cry on when they need it most.

One client had been through a really tough time in her life and she came in to get a tattoo to mark the end of it. When it was done, I sat there for about 45 minutes while she cried on my shoulder, releasing 20 years that came out of a 5 minute tattoo. It was a special moment, turning something hard into something beautiful.

She doesn’t take for granted the opportunity to help people through the art of tattooing and the experience that Hart & Huntington provides.

I want it to be known how much I appreciate this brand and this family we’ve created. Every artist is so amazing and talented. I would do anything for them.

I feel so much gratitude and I am so humbled to be here.

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